Scht, the app that tracks your shit and keeps you healthy!

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MHacks Project (September 2015)

Scht is a social media application that allows users to track where they have pooped. Users add a description of their poop and optionally add a picture if they choose so and add a colored poop marker to the map. They can also view poops from others in the area as well, marked by a gray poop marker.

I used google maps to display the information, Firebase to store the geo-coordinates, Parse to store the images, and Facebook to share the poops. When the user adds a description and takes a photo, the coordinates and description are sent to Firebase, while the image is sent to Parse, the objectID from the image that was sent to parse is also stored in Firebase to be retrieved later. When the user taps on a marker, the description, name, and date is pulled from firebase. In addition, in order to get the photo, the objectID is also pulled, sent to Parse, and the NSData that is received is parsed into an image to display on the marker's infowindow. The result is an infowindow with a description, name, date, and a picture.


Objective-C, XCode, Firebase, Parse, Facebook, Google Maps

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Brian Wang